The creation of this web site focuses on three aspirations:

1To approach Wilhelm Reich’s work in a contemporary and investigative way, through the comparative study of other cognitive fields such as natural science, epistemology, philosophy etc. (theoretical investigation), as well as through the laboratory research of his experimental work (experimental investigation).

2To showcase the multifaceted work of the natural scientist Wilhelm Reich and his contribution to many and varied cognitive fields (psychology, sociology, physics, cosmology, biological sciences) without slipping into idolization, uncritical and obsessive acceptance of his experimental findings and his theoretical hypotheses or the sterile and stereotypical repetition of his views. For this reason, on the left vertical menu of our webpage we have chosen representative passages from Reich’s books as well as other researchers in Orgonomy which showcase his extended work and will become the starting point of our own research.

3To promote and disseminate the work of Wilhelm Reich and preserve his legacy so that it will be accessible to the next generations. In our effort we have undertaken the following initiatives:

a. With co-funding from child psychiatrist and orgone therapist George Argyreas and the collaboration of Reo Publishing, we began the republication of the most important works of Wilhelm Reich, with translations checked by competent scientists. The whole endeavor is under the collaboration of the Wilhelm Reich Trust Fund, which holds the rights to all of Reich’s writings. In addition, we have started a parallel project through which we will publish books, articles and papers of other researchers and organizations who work in the field of orgonomy, have made significant contributions to Reich’s work and have given us the right to publish their work (DeMeo, Dew, Blasband, C.F. Baker, IOS and others).

b. With the collaboration of psychiatrist and orgone therapist Richard Schwartzman D.O., and our colleague George Argyreas M.D., we have organized and conducted the 1st Introductory Seminar in Psychiatric Orgone Therapy and Character Analysis, with the aspiration of establishing a complete and continuous training program for health care professionals who wish to learn and practice psychiatric orgone therapy (See “Education”, First Introductory Seminar).

c. We continue the realization of our long term goals in the training in Orgonomy with the founding of the Committee for Training in Psychiatric Orgonetherapy and Characteranalysis, in collaboration with psychiatrist and orgone therapist Dr. Richard Schwartzman (See “Education”, Educating the public: Second Introductory Seminar). (For more information regarding the structure and function of the Training Comittee, please visit the webpage

4To create a site of information and presentation of views and questions regarding modern issues of mental health, sociology, science and philosophical thinking.

Director of the website and author of unsigned articles is Dr. Nassos Teopoulos.