Testimonials (written reports)

Stelios Kaitanidis is a general practitioner and a homeopath. He attended the 1st Introductory Seminar on Orgonomy, held in Thessaloniki.

I was introduced to Orgonomy through my therapy. I started therapy during my 3rd year of Medical School and orgone therapy helped me balance my personal issues. We all have room to grow and orgone therapy was a tremendous help in that direction. Ever since I started therapy I always wanted to attend a training seminar on character analysis, Reich’s work, Orgonomy etc. At the time, this was only possible in the United States and such a trip was very difficult back then and very few were able to do it; even today not everyone can do it. When I heard that such a seminar would be offered in Greece, here in Thessaloniki, I felt it was a dream come true.
Attending the Introductory Seminar was for me the experience of a lifetime, way beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. The whole world opened up before my eyes, and I could understand the reasons behind people’s actions and behaviors.
Before the seminar, I always liked observing people, which of course is part of my job as a physician. Also, in my personal and social life I saw people’s behavior and said to myself: “I guess, that’s how people are”. But that all changed after the seminar. Everything became clear and understandable.
As a health care professional it is a great help to be able to understand my patients and people I interact with, to recognize their limitations and their potential, to know how far I can go and ask of things, what to expect from them, in other words their personality make-up.
On the diagnostic front, the homeopathic approach is different, but character analysis is a truly useful tool, in many cases. It helps me really communicate with my patients.
Finally, this knowledge has helped me as a person also, in perceiving the world better, beyond my medical knowledge. My only concern is that this knowledge does not enjoy the widespread recognition it deserves.