Orgonomy Institute

The Institute of Orgonomy is an educational, training and research organization and its aims include: the promotion of Orgonomy, its practical application on a personal and social level, its protection from misrepresentations and distortions, as well as the study and research, theoretical and experimental, of all cognitive fields involved (physics, physics of atmosphere and climatology, cosmology, biology, medicine, psychology and psychiatry, sociology and social pathology, philosophy and philosophy of science).

Training and educational programs
1. Training program in Psychiatric Orgonetherapy and Characteranalysis for physicians and psychotherapists accredited by the European Psychotherapy Association (EAP).
2. Training seminar in the science of Orgonomy, theoretical and experimental, for natural scientists and medical researchers.
3. Educational seminars for parents, guardians, teachers and social workers regarding the psychic developments of children, their formation of character, their upbringing, handling of psychic disorders and the curtailing of juvenile delinquent behaviour.
4. Open lectures for the public, with free admission.